Black Ficus in a coffee colored ceramic planter

Black Ficus in a coffee colored ceramic planter
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Black Ficus in a coffee colored ceramic planter
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Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor plants
  • Ideal for your perfect home and office décor
  • Potted in a new terracotta range
  • They look like a mini tree with a single trunk

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Product Detail

Product Specification


Plant - 2 years old S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai
Color - Green
Plant Height (above pot) - 8 inches
Plant Base - Coco Peat


Diameter - 4.""
Height - 3.5""
Material - Ceramic
Color - Golden


Ficus trees are a common plant in the home and office, mainly because they look like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy. But for all of their popularity, ficus plants are finicky. What is commonly referred to as a ficus is technically a weeping fig. Ficus trees can maintain their tree-like shape regardless of their size, so this makes them ideal for bonsais or for massive houseplants in large spaces. Their leaves can be either dark green or variegated. 1. Most ficus trees enjoy bright indirect or filtered light with variegated varieties happily able to take medium light. 2. It’s important to maintain a relatively high humidity around the plant. 3. Fertilize once a month in the spring and summer and once every two months in the fall and winter.


Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary piece to piece. Plants do not come with any warranty. These are natural plants and require to be handled with love and care. The mentioned age of the plant is only an approximation and actual age may vary.
Care Instruction


1. Keep the Bonsai plant at a place which gets 3- 4 hours of sunlight daily.
2. Do the pruning of old leaves which turn yellow to avoid fungal attack.
3. Do check the coco peat before watering. It should stay moist. If the coco peat is becoming light brown, it should be sprayed with water. Ideally, water the plant every alternate day for roots to get an optimal water supply.
4. Put manure every 6-8 months for better results.


1. Don't repot the Bonsai plant by yourself. It should be done by a plant doctor.
2. Don't repot using regular soil. Ask our plant doctors for the right mix of nutrients.
3. Don't water it using glass or bottles. Spraying of water makes sure plant gets water uniformly from all sides.
4. Avoid clogging/ collection of water anywhere in the pot.
5. Avoid temperature shock for better growth.
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