How does it feel when you’re trying to do everything right but deep down you already know that you’re doing something horribly wrong? This is exactly how I feel when raising my 7 year old daughter.

 At one end you worry so much about what should be the perfect diet for your child’s growing body, isn’t she eating too much of junk food, how things happening around us are affecting her mind, heat outside (is she taking enough liquid at school?) her friends, her hobbies, her education, her future. All this seems to go in vain when you realize the most basic necessity of life – the air she breathes is poisoning her every moment. Day after day as I hear survey reports, stats and air health analysis in our capital and in fact in India, I become more and more concerned. I think till now we all know that Delhi has the most polluted air to breathe in. Not only this, according to WHO more than half of the world’s top 20 most polluted cities are in India. Our capital is also an Air Pollution capital of the world and day by day Delhi has become a living poison to live in.

 Last month we went to Gandhi Nagar for more than a week to attend a marriage in my husband’s family. Our relatives there live in a very green and peaceful locality. When we landed back to Delhi I began to feel a little discomfort and suffocation. After a while I realized it was the air which is causing it. Sometimes we get so used to of this toxic air that we cease to notice its ill effects on us. I got more worried when I saw my 7 year old daughter coughing. According to a recent report “40% of Delhi school kids even fail to pass the lung capacity test.” Doctors have started to prescribe ‘move out of Delhi’ to their Asthmatic patients.

At one side as a responsible parent I claim to protect her from the adversities of life and give her all the love of the world and at the same time I am the one raising her in a surrounding which is poisoning her every day. Every time when she sees into my eyes, I see a blind trust and thinking about it makes me feel guilty of our generation.

 As it is said, "We Do Not inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children." Is this the earth we are going to give to our kids?


Love & Peace to All!


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