I was reading my Sunday times, and there I saw an article on Green goals. The title was so catchy and so was the write up. (Yes, I copied my title from there). It was all about the green color scheme and why it should be the new in trend for the paint industry. The best part for me is its timing. I had just started writing a lot of articles on greenery and environment and there was this article. I gave in a huge smile that why not this? This is also a uniquely different way of write up about Green.

The paint industry has been revolutionalised. No one gave a thought some 20 years back that even the choice of color can decide the feel and vibes of the house. Some awesome marketing strategies have made the least concerned job in a house as the most important aspect of creating a personality of your home. And relating it with your own personality is very tricky for the minds of mango people. The tagline ”Har ghar kuch kehta hai”, has given a new meaning to every home. Every one now tries to blend in lots of colors together and experiments with the different designs. Also, Asian plaints new ad about women indulgence as painters has brought in feminism is such a subtle manner. They have just raised a very sensitive topic in India in a most effective and soft manner. So when I read about this article , I knew that this is my new topic for the write ups.

Green is synonymous with plants and trees, basically environment. But if you blend it with the décor and palette of your home, you are likely to have lots of benefits from its attributes. This most natural and earthy hue is said to signify balance, healing, positivity, health, prosperity and abundance. With a compelling urge to connect with nature, people are turning to green in a big way. Combined with brown, pink, purple and orange, the color green is working its way into just all kind of spaces. One can choose rich and varied shades of green for the complete set of décor like sofas, chairs, cushions, vases , carpets etc, mixing them with earthly and neutral tones of plants and pots. I personally like grey in my wardrobe and décor. So teaming it up with green gave a nice depth to the complete décor. Try to have different shades of green like peacock green, emerald green, soft mossy hues etc. Team these colors with cushions, accessories and vases or paintings to complete the green effect look.

The easiest way to embrace green is to have potted plants, flowering shrubs and terrariums that can be strategically placed indoors with the right amount of sunlight and water. One can even create a multipurpose herb and kitchen garden and reap it many benefits apart from just lighting up a dull corner or balcony.  Have lots of green plants and trees in artistically colored planters and pots. They will not only create a green space in your home but will also add lots of color in form of planters.  Team up with Nurturing Green for a regular supply of plants and updates. They will very innovatively give your space a green makeover. There is so many hue and cries over several environmental issues like Urban Heat Island Effect, Green roofing, Roof Sprinklers etc for creating an awareness about planting and greenery. So why not have this way about creating a green space which will also an addition to the environment.

Apart from plant one can have a green space by having a combination of sofa covers, cushions, curtains, carpets and table runners in green base along with lots of contrast colors in row. This is a good option for theme dinners and get-together’s. Buy some green vases and lamps, team it up with clock (Nurturing green have a range of planters with inbuild clocks in it) or other green decoration items. One can also have green textiles and rugs for ottomans, armchairs, wall art, etc to introduce different shades of green through print and pattern. You can have one corner of the living area with these green décor items. This will speak a lot about your awareness and pro activeness regarding the issues prevailing in the society and your contribution too. Be the trendsetter in this regard in your social circle and be the talk of it.

Your travel takes you places, but your home is where your heart resides. Transform your abode with these trendsetting ideas for people to follow. Home reflects the people who live in it. There may be lots of challenges in the way but they will all be worth it when compared to the personal, social and environmental benefits it will carry. So be the change in the society and inspires the generations!