Every plant needs to be repotted at some point of time. It gives them more space to spread their roots and grow healthy; otherwise they may get pot bound. The best time to repot is the spring season, when roots grow most actively, permitting the plant to overcome the shock of repotting. We will guide you on how to repot your house plants in simple 6 steps.

1-    Be sure- Does your plant really needs to be repotted or not? You can do it by comparing the size of the plant with relation to the size of the container. If the plant is too large for the pot, then it needs to be repotted. 2nd way to check is to take out the plant from its pot and check the roots. If the roots take the shape of the pot and are more than the soil, it’s an indication of repotting your plant.

2-    It’s time for a change- How to choose a container? Once you are sure of repotting your plant, the next step is to choose 1 size bigger pot, which will give your plant more space to spread and grow healthy. For example: if you are using a 4 inch pot, you must get a 5 inch pot now.

3-    Be careful- Gently take out the plant. Okay! Now you are ready to repot your plant. 1st step is to carefully take out the plant from the pot. To do the same, turn the pot on its side and ease the plant gently from the pot. If the plant won't budge, you may have to tap the bottom of the pot on a hard surface to loosen it.

4-    Trimming- How to cut the roots? Now it is time to break up the roots. It is important to cut the dead roots and keep the healthy ones to stimulate new root growth and help the plant establish in its new container. If the roots are coiled around the bottom, use your fingers to pull them straight. Prune the roots before potting.

5-    Fill it up- Set the plant. Gently put the potting mix in the new pot and center the plant in its new container. Post which, we will fill the sides of the plant with additional mix.

6-    Touch up- Add water and additional mix- Lastly, water the plant to moisten roots and to settle potting mix. Add more mix if needed.