Scrap to Plant. Clean to Green.

We Indians are very sentimental about our material possessions, even the ones we don’t use and find it hard to adopt to the policy of use-and-throw like the west.  But what we don’t realize is that holding on to these material possessions (especially the ones we don’t use) and a messy surrounding causes anxiety, anger and stress. You got it right! Mess causes Stress!

We all often experience anxiety, anger, stress and irritation and tend to blame it on things around us. But the reality is that the reason behind these feelings lies at home and our offices. A cluttered surrounding is the biggest reason for such feelings.

This World Environment Day, we at Nurturing Green took a pledge to help people live healthier and happier by helping them de-clutter. Instead of celebrating one day by planting a few trees and talking about it, we decided to celebrate it through the year by taking an initiative to help people declutter. We plan to target as many societies/ colonies/ schools and offices in Delhi-NCR and other cities as possible till 5th June 2017.


With our initiative “Scrap to Plant”, we aim to collect scrap of all kinds from your homes, schools and offices and in return giving you coupons that you can use to buy a beautiful natural potted plant for your homes and offices.

No more traditional kabaadi walas, no bargaining and hangling, no cheating! Just clean to green – declutter and take home a friend, a beautiful plant and all its benefits. You will have a professional, well-dressed guy come to your premises, collect the scrap, give you a higher rate of return than the local kabaadi walas and give you coupons worth the amount of scrap you sell. You can avail this coupon to buy any plant that you like.

Why plants and not cash or something else? We are sure this question came into your minds. Well, researches show that a major reason behind avoiding decluttering is lack of motivation. In today’s busy world, no one really has the time to bother for a few hundred bucks. You need a real motivation. What better than a beautiful potted plant?

Plants are known to be one of the most natural stress busters and air purifiers. So while we are decluttering to lead healthier happier lives, these plants will help us do this better. Waking up every morning to see a beautiful potted plant by your side and seeing this plant grow is an experience in itself. Plants also work as great oxygenators, help increase focus and brighten up your spaces in ways beyond imagination.

Be a part of our initiative. Help us spread the word. Help us help people declutter. If you want us to be there in your society or area and be a part of this decluttering drive, do comment below or call us on +91 8826993218.

Stand Up! Its our environment and it deserves better. Be the change!