Leading an urban life is a feeling of novelty. It brings lots of Aadatein in us which not only define us, but have a direct affect on our loved ones and the society and enviornement we live in. 

This Diwali, in the realm of festivity, we bring to you the thought of Aadatein Badlo, Aacha Lagega, including that of buying regular gifts like sweets to seek green gifts. And what better than gifting plants! A plant - which livens up the indoor decor and brings your loved ones that warm, fuzzy feeling inside!


Gifting is an essential part of Diwali's festivities! This Diwali, think out of the box and gift a plant to your loved ones! Nayi Diwali, naya tohfa!

It's time to move on from the same old home decor pieces, sweets and clothes... Gift green - the feeling of nurturing and watching a plant grow is the most heartwarming feeling there is. What's more, plants make a stunning decor addition to any home or office!

You can find our Green Decor and Green Gifting options here!

In the time of festivity, which we celebrate with such fervour in our nation, these small changes in our habits, will help us connect to our roots, our nature, our family and the world - which is the real sense of celebration and happiness during festivals.

Iss Diwali, Aadatein Badalke Dekho, Achha Lagega!


Let's take this concept of Aadatein Badlo, a step further to Aadat Badlo Challenge. (1) Make a video (2) Take challenge to change your two habbits that could leave possitive impact on your loved ones and society at large. (3) Upload on your social media handle and nominate at least 3 friends. Click here to know more and check who all have taken the challenge.