Leading an urban life is a feeling of novelty - modern technologies, carpeted time and high aspirations. In the course of leading this life, we develop a few habits that stay with us and restrict us to better ourselves and connect to our roots and our nature.

We thrive upon our and our loved ones’ happiness but we do not introspect on life to understand that certain habits, good or bad, leave a huge impact on our loved ones. Changing such habits reflects positive change on our family, our neighbours, our society, our future generations and our country and citizens.

In the time of festivity, which we celebrate with such fervour in our nation, these small changes in our habits, will help us connect to our roots, our nature, our family and the world - which is the real sense of celebration and happiness during festivals. This Diwali, we, at Nurturing Green, urge you to bring change in your mundane habits for the better.

We floated the idea of this social, cause-beneficial challenge to our peers and our colleagues and were thrilled to have quite a few big names joining us! As a fun way of spreading the green word, they nominated 3 people each to continue the challenge!

Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and CEO of Paytm decided to make changes in his life and his company. You can watch his video here.


Mr. Rahul Singh, founder and CEO of The Beer Cafe also vowed to make some personal changes in his life. You can watch his video here.


You can join us on this mission to make a better world too!

1. Post a video/photo of yourself talking about which habit you want to change and why

2. Tag us on social media and use hashtags - #AadatBadlo #AadatBadloChallenge

3. Nominate 3 friends to continue to the challenge and urge them to spread the word!

Let's make the world a better, happier, greener place, shall we?