In your local nursery, a floor areca palm will cost you about INR 150-200. Meanwhile, the big box stores like Nurturing Green sell the plant at INR 1000 or above. You may be wondering, “Why should I pay 5 times the price for the same product?”

We’re here to tell you all you must know about Areca palms before buying them.

Areca palms are NASA recommended air purifying plants which absorb harmful gases like benzene, formaldehyde, etc. They are among the most popular houseplants around the world and are fast becoming the most perfect piece of decor for all types of houses.

But before you rush into buying one, here are some things you should know about their backstory.

Firstly, the palms found in nurseries only have about 2-3 shoots, whereas the plants that we provide have a guaranteed number of 15-20 shoots. Our plants are thicker, bushier and lusher - bringing a lively aura to your indoor decor.

The plants grown in local nurseries are grown outdoors normally. If they are taken indoors, they start to wilt and wither because they have been grown in and are used to the outdoor environment.

Our plants are custom made for your indoor decor needs. They are acclimatized for indoor surroundings because they are grown in covered and sheltered greenhouses (which is 4-5 times more expensive than growing plants outdoors), protected from the harsh conditions of the weather.

Because of this indoor acclimatization, they are perfect for your homes! Unlike local nurseries, we source our plants (big foliage like Areca Palm and Sansevieria) directly from growers in Kolkata and Andhra Pradesh. There is a huge difference is the outdoor vs. indoor environment of a plant as the plants that are grown outdoors are also more susceptible to bugs and diseases.

But you can rest assured that our plants will be free of all bugs and deformities and bring a cheer to your indoor decor.

The Nurturing Green Guarantee only gives you the greenest, most lush plants with good quality leaves that have optimized growth in an indoor environment and are a perfect green buddy for your homes!

You can check out our range of Areca Palms here.