While buying the plants, I give less of a thought as to where to place them. I love so much of green, that I want most corners in my home to be filled with plants. Home plants bring beauty and a tropical feel to your home, but they’re more than just their looks. Indoor plants help soak up bad air, removing airborne toxins and pollutants that regularly find their way into your home, including from cleaning supplies and car exhaust. When the right ones are grown at home, they can do wonders for our psychological and physical health, including promoting a positive atmosphere. There is a thought prevailing that even the mere presence of a plant can have benefits such as “reduce stress, and improve concentration”. Moreover, many of these plants make great home remedies and teas while improving the air quality of your home. I will be stating a list of 10 home plants which best suits your homely abode for lots of positive energy and other advantages.

 1.Peace Lily

 The peace lily is believed to provide a means of prospering spiritually, mentally and physically. It improves the flow of energy in the home by purifying the air and neutralizing harmful indoor gases. Known as the harbinger of peace, this plant promotes a healthy flow of positive energy around the house. Boosting confidence, promoting spirituality and serenity, this plant also serves practical purpose, removing mold from the air and reducing the level of cancer-causing formaldehyde. This plant grows well in shaded or dark environments, such as an office or in a corner. Placing them in the bedroom will promote a sense of tranquility and restful sleep.


 National plant of Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, this plant is an all-rounded favorite. Known for exuding a soothing, calming smell, the jasmine plant is recommended to boost positive energy, especially in relationships. Jasmine attracts positive energy and helps to strengthen relationships and build romance. Its sweet and pleasant smell can help soothe a stressed mind and provide energy. This plant should be placed near a south-facing window when indoors. In the garden, it should be placed in the north, east or northeast area.


Rosemary promotes physical and mental well-being while purifying the air to keep your home free of harmful toxins. The smell of rosemary can instantly lift your mood, reduce fatigue, fight anxiety, improve memory and treat insomnia. Not only great on potatoes, Rosemary’s versatility is evident as it promotes a healthy physical and psychological lifestyle, purifying and protecting any home. Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, containing many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic substances. Rosemary’s smell is also known to help with improving memory and helping insomnia, fatigue, reducing depression and anxiety. Keep it in a sunny spot and make sure not to overwater!  Rosemary also brings inner peace. Keep rosemary in a sunny spot and be careful not to over-water it.

 4.Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii)

Lucky bamboo has been used in Asia for thousands of years as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. According to feng shui, the vertical shape of lucky bamboo represents the element wood, which influences our life energy, vitality and physical activity. Lucky bamboo is a low-maintenance plant. Place it in the corner of a room that has low lighting, away from direct sunlight, and keep it in a glass bowl with about 1 inch of distilled or purified water.

 5.Money Plant

This plant’s name itself says good news. But it’s not just wealth this is rumored to promote, the plant, also known as the jade plant, is said to be a good plant to keep in corners, avoiding anxiety and covering sharp corners that may cause tension. It is also known for boosting oxygen levels in the home, promoting good circulation and better health.  The money plant is also known as golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum and silver vine. According to feng shui, this plant produces a positive energy flow that attracts good luck and fortune. It can be grown as either a trailer or a climber. Place this plant in front of a sharp corner or angle to help reduce anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. The plant’s shoot should point upward to bring you health and prosperity.

 6.Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant bears good luck and positive energy. Aloe Vera is incredible for promoting positive harmony in your home. Regarded by Feng Shui enthusiasts and health experts alike, it is a great source of positivity and medicinally useful too. It can also be used for its many healing benefits. The stalk’s gel can be a great soothing substance promoting the regeneration of skin cells. Aloe Vera can grow under natural light or artificial light alike. . Place it in indirect sunlight or artificial light and water it regularly. It can’t tolerate standing water, so make sure it has proper drainage. The energy that the Aloe Vera plant releases can fight off bad luck and negative vibes.

 7.Holy Basil

Holy basil is believed to clear the air of negative energy and attract positive vibrations to the environment. It is one of the few plants that emit oxygen 20 hours a day while also absorbing harmful gases from the environment. Holy basil is a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Basil is an antibacterial, antiseptic and an antidepressant, this plant is known to promote a circulation of passion and love around the home. In addition to the perfect garnish to any dish, it’s known to get rid of mosquitos around the house - heads up to any hot, humid, bug-filled country! Growing basil is thought to have a spiritual healing effect, especially when the plant is placed in a north, east or northeast area of the home or garden. This plant should receive full sun.


The plant has a long historical legacy of being a spiritually healing and uplifting source that absorbs negative energy, anger and fear from the environment. Sage is also a great home remedy for gastroenteritis, diarrhea, bloating and heartburn and if you burn it, it’s will to cleanse the bacteria from your home. Sage contains incredible cleansing qualities that help rid the air of negative emotions such as anger and fear. It promotes the flow of positive energy in your home. Don’t place sage in areas that are very dry or have low humidity.

 9.English Ivy

Ivy is not only a gorgeous adornment for a mantlepiece, brightening up any room in the house, but it has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best air-filters. It is perfect for city-dwellers looking to avoid the toxins and bacteria that pollution creates. And for the superstitious ones - an ivy plant outside the house is said to keep away bad luck and promote wealth. . It removes unwanted toxins from the air to promote a safe, serene and stress-free home.


Grooms and brides in Greece used to have to wear a laurel of oregano as it spreads happiness and joy. Not only does oregano contain substances that inhibit bacteria and prevent the spread throughout your home but it also famous for treating many skin disorders such as acne and dandruff, and stomach problems, including UTI (urinary tract infection). This multi-purpose plant should be kept in sunlight. 

 Wow! Such wondrous plants which not only, are useful for greenery and beautification, but are also having lots of added advantages with them. All of them are plants emitting and promoting positive energy and vibes at home which are very necessary for a healthy and long life.