After a long and tiring day, all you wish for is a good night sleep. But there are some nights when you want to sleep but you can’t. This is because you are tossing and turning for hours and waiting to fall asleep. This is generally due to stress, busy day, hectic schedule or your connection with technology etc. There are various medications you can take to overcome this problem, but don’t forget that a natural remedy is always more effective and safe. One such remedy is to get home some indoor plants which can have a positive effect on your health. Not only do they look fantastic and bring greenery to your spaces, but they also have the power to purify air, which is a perfect combination to promote a better sleeping pattern.

Below are the top 5 indoor plants which can help you sleep healthier and better.     

Jasmine - A soothing plant with delicate pink or white flowers has a number of relaxing qualities you should definitely know. A study suggests that this fascinating plant has a soothing effect on the body and mind. The plant has the power to cut anxiety levels leading to a better quality of sleep. It can boost alertness levels and productivity during the day. Jasmine looks great and is a low maintenance plant. Moreover, it has a refreshing scent!

Lavender - With a refreshing fragrance and innumerable qualities, Lavender has become the most well-known of all plants. It is known to help people sleep better and reduce anxiety levels. The scent of Lavender reduces the level of heart rate, stress levels and blood pressure. According to a Research, the plant reduced crying in babies, helping them sleep better and at the same time reduce stress levels in both mother and child. Keeping in mind all of the above reasons, Lavender is kept in hospitals for the betterment of patients.

Aloe Vera - Recommended by NASA, Aloe Vera works just like Snake plant; it emits oxygen in the evening and makes the night time cleaner for a peaceful sleep. It is easy to care for, as it doesn’t require much watering but needs good hours of direct sunlight. Added advantage of this magical plant is the antiseptic gel present inside, which can help heal burns, cuts and dry skin. It is surely a must have-plant in every home.

Gardenia - This plant can spread a lovely fragrance and hence can work better than any room freshener. It will let your room smell naturally fresh day and night. It has the ability to treat poor sleep and reduce anxiety levels. Gardenia can relax your body and brain. A better way to get a good night sleep is to avoid having sleeping pills and keep these beautiful white blooms.

Bamboo Palm - This plant is an excellent air purifier and easy to care for. Bamboo palm is just the right choice if you wish to cut toxins and airborne smells. It can work better than any room freshener. It will let your room smell naturally fresh day and night. This tropical plant can add warmth to your bedroom and clean the air too.