Plant Name: Carmona
Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Boraginaceae
Subfamily: Boraginodeae
Genus: Carmona



Carmona tree also known as (Fukien tree) is a species of flowering plant in the borage family. Its specific epithet comes from the latin retusus , with refrence to the leaf apex. Carmona is used in Bonsai because of its ability to devlop a thick and interesting trunk. 

Plant Description:

  • A favourite plant of bonsai enthusiasts.
  • Named in honour of Marcello Malpighia.
  • Native- America & South Texas.
  • A dwarf bushy shrub.
  • Growing up to 1 m high.
  • Leaves dark green 1-1.5 cm long.
  • Flowers pinkish white on a short cyme.
  • Flowers 1.5 cm across, fruit red.

Where to keep them:


Carmona tree is also called wax malphighia in india because of its shiny leaves and white flowers.

Carmona plant are tender plant and must be kept in a temperature range of 24c to 32c to do well. When you keep your plant indoor you just need to follow some simple steps.


  • Your mix should be cocopeat + compost + garden soil (  top 2 inches ) in ratio 2:1:2.
  • Provide natural light not direct sunlight.
  • The mixture should be porous and use cocopeat for indoor.
  • Water In winters once in a day and summers twice in day  Logically.( but different houses have different temperature so you need to water on that bases.)
  • The mixture should remain moist not wet.( it dosent matter whats the temperature.)
  • Don’t keep your plant under the fan . ( because the fan will suck all the moister and you need to watering twice or thrice )
  • Don’t over water your plant. ( because 90% of your plant will died by over watering.)
  • Due to over water the leaves turned into pale yellow.
  • Repot once in two year.
  • Prune once in 8th month

How to multiply:

  • For cutting your mixture will br pure cocopeat, no need other fertilizers.
  • Cut the stem and dry for 2 to 3 hours after that insert that stem into your mix.
  • You dont need to pore water only spray sprinkle of water on daily basis.
  • When thay are stable in there pot after 6month you can transplant them.
  • You can see my cutting below. 

Fertilizers :

  • I never used any fertilizers accept neem oil.
  • Spray neem oil on your plant twice in a year.
  • Don’t use chemical fertilizers .
  • Don’t use any leave shiner.