Does that ring a bell? Still not? Surely you should read this post till end. The complete world is doing something or the other, in tits and bits, and some of you are still sitting and just reading the stories? This is an alarming summers for us, Indians. The temperatures are soaring high and it’s still April.  What are we all gonna do till the approach of monsoons? I will tell you now. Convert your home into a Green Home in these simple steps. Be assured, your little help will add a lot to the big basket of improvements for the environment.

After a lot of contemplation and research over the articles and internet, I realized that there are several green homes or green elements in home, which can easily be installed or incorporated in our homes as well. But now when I have spoken a lot about Green Homes, I am sure many of you want to know exactly, what is a Green Home. A green home is a type of house designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. And it also focuses on the efficient and effective use of "energywater, and building materials”. The parts that make up a green home are not universally agreed upon. There are no national standards on what constitutes a green remodel, beyond non-profit certification. In general, a green home is a type of house that is built or remodeled in order to conserve "energy or water; improve indoor air quality; use sustainable, recycled or used materials; and produce less waste in the process." This may include buying more energy-efficient appliances or utilizing specific building materials that are more efficient in keeping both cool and heated air inside the structure.

So this is also a mind boggling exercise for an individual, who wants to build a green home, as to what elements to include in that. In this regard, I can state you few elements which are well crafted and surely fits the criterion of being included in a green home.

  • Solar Panels

A social media blogger, visited the headquarters of Kansas City local general contractor A.L. Huber. She states that instead of installing several dozen solar panels on the roof out of view, A.L. Huber have installed them on their building's facade. They have kept them positioned at an optimum angle and actually used some of them as awnings over windows. So, some panels actually act at once as shading devices and solar panels. What a fantastic way of using solar panels at home. This is a must try for every home. It will not only save electricity but it will also be serving a shade for the windows. The other classic ways to use them are to generate electricity or heating.

  • Reusable stuff

Disposable items have become a major part of everyday life. So much so, that we often don’t stop to think how much we’re spending on them, or how much they’re contributing to landfills. Luckily,       many of them can be easily replaced by much longer lasting, and inexpensive, versions. Some you can make yourself, and others you may need to purchase. But either way, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run, and do something good for the environment while you’re at it! Several disposable items which can be replaced are like paper napkins can be replaced with cloth napkins, tissues with handkerchiefs, cling sheets with cloth bowl covers, plastic bottles with glass or reusable bottles etc.

  • Plants

Easiest and most obvious way to have a green home is planting lots of trees and plants. It will keep the oxygen content intact in the home as well as it will add to the surrounding environment. The catch here is how and what plants to use to maximize the effect of a green home. We have to be intelligent enough in the selection and usage of indoor and outdoor plants, taking the climate in consideration. Have lots of big trees for the outdoors and plants and bonsais for the indoors. Place the plants and trees in such a manner that they optimize the sunlight and regulate the flow of air and energy inside and outside the house.

  • Rainwater preservation

This is the most essential and easiest way to add to our bit to save the environment. As we all know, water crisis is the major issue prevailing all over India. In rural areas, there is less or no water for the farmers and families as the rivers are drying up quickly. Many of them are soon dying due to pollution and construction. Because of decreasing plantation and forestation, rains are becoming a scarcity, which is adding to the existent problems. So let’s do our side of thinking and implementation for reduction in the alarming situation of water. Lets start using  a cistern to collect rainwater for gray water uses, such as toilets and sprinkler systems. Also, we can install several machinery in the societies and well formed homes and corporate spaces, to recycle and reuse the waste water collected.

These are some of the obvious and tested pointers for a Green Home. Its all a matter of brainstorming and lots of trials for such eco friendly homes. You can always try new stuff, straight out of the box. You can form some committees and social groups where people can share and discuss their experiences, trials, errors and stories of success for others to follow. This will be a great revolution in enhancing the efforts for a clean and green earth.  So lets begin the work today and don’t forget to share the stories of your glory with us.