Every space carries an exclusive smell, that has the power to linger on, in our minds for some time. For example, a spa is predominantly noticed for aroma oil smells, first rain shower is synonymous with that fresh earthy odor, (petrichor), hospitals are generally presumed to resonates a disinfectant's whiff etc. I presume that for most of us, a smell has the power to bring a flood of memories and influence people's mood. Just imagine yourself entering a house having a musty odor in monsoon or smell of aurora in kitchen or sewer odours in bathrooms? I am very sure it will be a total turnoff for you and will change your perception for the host and his/her up keeping skills. For no such experience in your home, it's very important to have a fragrance at the right place and at the right time for a perfect impression. Basically, we should target fragrance mostly as a mood enhancer and not as a mood spoiler.

Fragrance is all about sensation and can evoke visions, feelings and thoughts. It is a super strong imaginary presence in our lives.

"I think fragrance is part of someone's hygiene. I am a big believer in leaving an impression through scent."  By Rita Ora.

Though this line is said for people, I believe it holds true for the surroundings also. A well decorated clean house without a fragrance is similar to a person ready for a party without a perfume. A good aroma should have a certain personality that makes people identify the scent with it. There are several ready to use and DIY things available to enhance the look and smell of the place. For a mystique aroma, I use a combination/combinations of potpourri, diffusers, bathroom fresheners and floor fragrances. Apart from them, dispensers, scented candles, room fresheners, fresh flowers and cooler perfumes are also good options. Any one or all can be of great help to smell up the home or surroundings.

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent. It’s basically used inside a closed space to give the air a pleasant smell. It can be used anywhere and everywhere where one wishes to have a nice refreshing smell. It can even be used sometimes inside the purse or the bag. So whenever you opens it, that wonderful aroma gives me joy. A bag full of these can be kept inside a car also, instead of the available air fresheners. They are easy on the senses and mind, esp when you have small children or old aged people, who are sensitive to strong smells.

Scented candles of different shapes and sizes are very good another recourse for pleasant fragrance. These days, lots of tutorials are available online to make your own scented candles as well. Basically they are very easy to make and very beautifully cost effective also. They can also be used as a decorative item as well in the washrooms or bedrooms, which will give a dual usability, of providing good odour and decoration, to it. Try to use Beeswax candle as they also purify the air.

I always prefer Diffusers or the Aroma Lamps, for good smell enhancer for my home, particularly living room whenever guests are coming for dinner or lunch or for a tea party. The best thing about them is that they can be kept at any corner of the room, be it floor also. There are several aroma oils available for diffusers. The two types of diffusers, candle driven lamps and electric lamps, are good options for diffusing essential oils in the surroundings.

While discussing about fragrances, many of them are especially hard on people with allergies and asthma.. It is a very obvious possibility that all the above stated recourses are not fit for such situations. Let’s try out some very different ways of overpowering aromas and why not with the herbs and ingredients present in the kitchen itself? I found this idea from pinterest and it was so catchy that I have to include it here.  What you need to do is to simmer lemon, lemongrass, rosewood, orange and (or) rosehip along with natural ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, star anise etc. Actually you can take any element/elements of your choice. Mix them along with water (combination of elements can be of your choice) and store them in a jar to refrigerate them. Simmer them on gas stove or fondue pot or by candle warmer method as and when required. As it will boil, the aroma will spread across the complete space, depending on the layout. They will also add to the look of the kitchen. The things to remember here is that the mixture shouldn’t boil for a longer time as then due to continuous water reduction, aroma will convert into the burnt citrus smells.

So here is my share of thoughts on this omni present identity in our lives. Feel free to try any of these and can also invent your own. These inviting aromas go a long way to leave a good first impression. Make any or all of them a part of your simple routine to keep the house smelling pleasant without staleness or day after garlic odor.