Everyone would have often heard of terrace garden or kitchen garden but have you heard of bottle garden! Well few might have already have heard on it. Bottle Garden sounds strange it is also known as miniature garden as it consumes less space. Bottle garden is not just for people who pick it for decoration but also for people who have no option of growing plants in their flat which is regulative or that lacks terrace/balcony space.


How to step your own bottle/container Garden:

  • All you need first is a perfect container which suits your space with a small hole in the bottom so that the air and water releases.
  • Fill the bottle with adaptable soil.
  • Place a sapling with utmost care and water it regularly with required amount.
  • Make sure about the temperature required for the plant. If you grow a plant that requires regular light places it in balcony. If it can sustain less light then you can place it indoor as well.
  • Be careful while watering the plants. Use fillers, tiny tubes.



Apart from growing decorative plants in bottle garden, I would suggest you to grow the herbs that are used daily in our kitchen such as coriander, fenugreek, basils and leafy veggies.


Let’s look on to some advantages of bottle gardening:

  • Requires less space - which helps people who live in apartments and flats that are regulative
  • Mobility - It is easy to shift it from one place to other as we wish and can choose different place any time based on the requirement for light as well.
  • Leakage free - There is no tension of water leakage until and unless you use a strong bottle. All the nutrients to the plant reach to it appropriately.
  • Reduces Stress - As you see them grow in your indoor or balcony it reduces away all stress as proved by researchers.


Happy Gardening!!!

~Sushmitha Nandakumar(Blogger/Writer)