All of us know about plants and the basic benefits we gain from them; however, very few of us know about some of the specific types of these green beauties. One such vivid type is the “Bonsai Plant”. 

It would be interesting to learn that the word “Bonsai” comes from the Japanese meaning of ‘tray plant’. This plant is loved by so many people and also has an amazing history linked to it.  One may think, ‘What is so special about a Bonsai Plant? It’s only a tray plant.’


Let me tell you, that the aesthetic value that this plant provides is really commendable and the vibe one gets from it is really scintillating! This is something that other plants do not have in common…

 Here are some tips to take care of the Bonsai:

  •  Watering must be regular and must relate to the bonsai species' requirement for dry, moist, or wet soil.
  • Repotting must occur at intervals dictated by the vigour and age of each tree.
  • Tools have been developed for the specialized requirements of maintaining bonsai.
  • Soil composition and fertilization must be specialized to the needs of each bonsai tree, although bonsai soil is almost always a loose, fast-draining mix of components.


Bonsai plants are known to be stress-buster plants and are also air-purifying, so if you live in Delhi especially, get one as soon as possible!

  In-fact this plant is recommended by NASA as it has so many, uncountable advantages and special characteristics, that also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It has been in one of the highest demands across the world for the same, and it continues to be.

 So, if you want to start experiencing the magic of green décor, what can be better than the Bonsai itself! Feel the magic it has and tell the world “Bonsai, Bullseye!”