Do you wish your Bonsai to thrive and flourish? There is no rocket science to make it happen. There are a few simple points to keep in mind which can surely help your Bonsai grow healthy and live longer. These pointers are simple and easy to follow:

1-     How to water- Unlike other indoor plants, this one’s watering routine is a little different. Watering Bonsai is one of the most challenging tasks especially for beginners. It can be an easy task if you understand it patiently. It’s a simple rule of watering your tree ONLY when it needs it. If you give your tree too little water, it will dry and die in no time. If you water it too much, it will drown the tree. There is a trick which has to be followed. Wait for the soil to dry a little but not completely! Water it then.

2-     Pick the correct soil- Don’t pick any random soil! It supplies your tree with essential nutrients. Wrong choice of soil can have adverse effects on your Bonsai. It is highly recommended to get soil that manages water retention and drainage well. The soil must contain small particles which help oxygen reach its roots. Ready mixed soils are available at stores; you can even create your own mixture to save money and requirement.

3-     Choosing an appropriate location- Location matters a lot. Choosing the right location for Bonsai is simple but one of the important points. A Bonsai tree needs good amount of direct sunlight. It is best to keep it outdoor or near a window where it can get sunlight.   

4-     Pruning your Bonsai- Pruning is done to keep your Bonsai clean, maintain its shape and help it give a visually calming effect. The physical appeal of Bonsai is what it is known for. This amazing effect can be achieved just by trimming this miniature tree by using bonsai clippers (not scissors). You can trim the tree according to the design you desire. Experiment a little, every time to prune it and master the art of pruning!