Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn't know you had,and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.

-Linda Wooten.

I can very well relate with these lines as these sum up the feelings of each mother for their child. A mother is born with the birth of her child and with that, are born all the strengths and fears of a mother. In my initial days with my little one, I was so engrossed in taking care of her and myself that I couldn't strike the right cord with her but as she is growing, everyday we both discover new things about each other and every day is a blessing for me to be with her.

Along with these discoveries and realization, I also realize about the pain and sacrifices that my mother would have gone through to raise me and my brother. While growing up, I never gave a thought on those small things she used to do on a routine basis. But I learnt about some of those things when I wore her shoes.  This time when I went to my hometown, I went to meet my chuddy buddy and her cute new born baby. While talking with her, we both realized that motherhood is not a cake walk as we thought earlier seeing our mothers. It was them who made it look like one. No doubt the time and scenario is different for us as compared to them, but the situation is still the same and it will be the same forever. And thus we will not fear from making our own mistakes and learning from them.

When I think about my mother, I actualize the fact that I have not done enough for her. But this thought strikes me on every mother's day. Because every time no doubt I give her something which she requires, its perishable. Be it clothes, jewelry, flowers or crockery. Every things fades away with time and some thing new is available each year. This mother's day I want to gift both my mothers which is a lifetime gift for all three of us. Something which will stay with them forever. And nothing better them gifting them a plant.

With today's framework, a gift, along with its emotional value, should also have a social and economic importance as well. And gifting a plant perfectly fits in all these guildlines.  You don't have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plants look attractive. But dig a little deeper beneath their beauty and you'll discover the facts - the benefits of plants go far beyond the aesthetic. A potted plant in particular have innumerable benefits accompanied with it. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • Healthy: Improves air quality, thus reducing humidity and pollution, reduces sick building syndrome. It also reduces noise pollution.
  • Mobility: Plants in pots are easy to move around. Light up a dark corner with pots of white, pink, or yellow flowering shade.
  • Focus: Potted plants and pots create interest. Grouped in strategic places, they break the monotony of a terrace or a patio and create an ambient scene.
  • Flexibility: Rearrange plantings to suit the season or your mood.
  • Ambience: Pots set the stage in outdoor rooms or even steal the show. Group sun-loving plants around a large houseplant that's summering outdoors. A jumble of various pots stacked on stands and clustered loosely lends a pleasantly casual look.  

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There are many types of indoor and outdoor plants available, which can be gifted. Each one have their own benefits. And apart from these health benefits they beautify the place with lovely colourful planters. Talking about the emotional aspect, me and my mothers will always remember each other while looking at those plants. Thus a single gift has multiple benefits tagged along with it. I feel that a gift with a emotional value is nurtured forever. So looking after a plant and see it grow and bloom is a divine feeling, just like taking care of your child and seeing him/her grow. Both my mothers have a penchant for greenery and plants and thus catering to my gift will be boon for them.

So this Mother's day, I will gift my mothers Plants and thus in turn say my bit of Mother's Day to nature. It will be a hassle free gifting for me as I have Nurturing Green to buy my plants. They have varied varieties of plants such as scindapsus, cordyline,money tree, golden and white pothos, sansevieria etc with beautiful pots and planters. It will save my time to go to a nursery and buy plants. I can very well do that by just sitting and ordering the plants of my choice online.

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers and happy gifting.


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