Hon'ble Prime Minister

Government of India, New Delhi.

Sub: Appeal of a mother to rescue my Delhi and stop it from becoming a Living Poison

Respected Mr. Narendra Modi Ji,

Please take my best of regards and warm greetings to you!

I am a mid-age housewife and I live in South Delhi with my husband and our beautiful eight year old daughter, whom we fondly named Prakriti because of my deep love to nature. My husband owns a small IT company based in Okhla. I chose to quit my HR profession to give my full attention and care to my daughter and now I work as a freelancer from home. We aren't one of those riches from south Delhi but we live a comfortable life.

The reason I am telling you all this because recently I came across this blog in New York Times- "Holding Your Breath in India" "” by Mr. Harris Gardiner (A Washington correspondent for The New York Times who recently completed a three-year assignment covering South Asia.) where he openly exposed the poor, unhealthy, conditions of Delhi and its poisonous air. At one end it boils my blood that how can someone openly malign the reputation of my city and my country but on the other hand I can fearfully relate my life to him. Since, I also have an 8 year old daughter who has gradually become the purpose of our lives. My daughter - Prakriti is also facing breathing problems since last 6-7 months and it has been worsened this summer. Last week it went so bad that we had to rush her to a hospital at 3 am in the night. We have consulted two different paediatricians and both of them say it’s very common in Delhi. One of them really suggested sending her out of Delhi. This is my question to you: Has it come to this? If I want a healthy life for me and my family I have to leave my city? Yes I live in Delhi but I am not Harris Gardiner. And I am sure like me there are many Delhiites who neither have an option to leave our city nor do they want to.

Mr. Prime Minister, tell me how do we claim to be the fastest growing country in the world or the next super power when we can't provide basics like fresh air and clean water to our citizens. And the bigger concern here is that I am talking for one of the most posh area in the capital of our country. The health and sanitary challenges the poor of our country have to face is beyond my imagination. How do we claim to work day and night for a 'सशक्त भारत' when we ourselves are debilitating our future generations every day? All your and your teams hard work, wholesome approaches and futuristic foreign policies strive to give a better tomorrow to our future generations. Tell me Mr. PM, “how will there be a better tomorrow when there will be no better generation?” A better India will be of no use if our future generations become physically frail. India will never become a super power if we couldn't assure a clean environment and better health for our kids because we the people of this country are its power. We are India and it’s our right to have a healthy life.

Mr. Prime Minister, you're listed among the top five most powerful personalities of the world by many leading international magazines. You've got the strongest mandate in last 30 years in the history of India and perhaps yours is the strongest and most resourceful government India has ever produced and I think you know it far better than many of us what actions need to be taken. Still WHAT IS STOPPING YOU to rescue our capital from becoming a living poison? I understand that we have to maintain balance between the industrial growth and the environmental concerns. But when you have already become the most polluted place on the earth I think the balance has already been ruptured.

We are already living in a crisis and our preventions are on snail’s pace. What is stopping your government to make strict laws against things like Burning Trashes in the capital, why don’t we make carpooling mandatory in NCR as cities like Singapore did and recover strict penalty against it? Why don’t we move to more renewable power sources, compulsory LED lights, strict implementation of anti-pollution laws for industries etc.? And there are some very simple solutions also which are obvious to everyone like “Plant more Trees.” What is stopping you from planting (say) 1 lac new trees in the capital? If your government doesn't have time to do such mundane work as this then please tell me if you want me do it. Please tell me now, what I have to do. Please tell me where I should procure the trees from and where I have to plant them. We parents do so much for our child's good health and secure future we will do this too. Because tomorrow when my daughter will grow up and blame me for her bad health and ask me why didn't I move her from Delhi? I will at least have an answer that I tried what I could do for her.

I am not asking here for women safety, women rights, inflation, border issues with China, religious rights or hundred other hot issues which easily catch government's and our media's eyes. My problem is simple and common to everyone who has a child or going to have one in future. My daughter is the future of this country and so is every daughter/son of India and all I am asking is a healthier future for her. If you're really a प्रधान सेवक, this has to be your प्रधान सेवा. I am sorry if I sound too emotional but I can't help, I am a mother.


Thanking you!

Your faithfully


Kavita Chaturvedi

New Delhi, India.


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