Indoor plants like the Lucky Bamboo, Aglaonema, Bonsai, etc. are not just famous for their physical characteristics and positive vibes they spread – they also symbolize a lot of meaningful elements to the owner. 

  • Bonsai is a symbol of strength, wisdom and intuition. Gifting a Bonsai to your loved ones will make them know how much you care for them and that you want them to live a prosperous and healthy life. 
  • Perfect for indoor decor. 
  • Festive pattern on most of its planters. 
  • The Bonsai is known for its design which replicates the structure of a tree; therefore, its called a "miniature tree". 



  • Aglaonema is known for its peculiar beauty and is known to bring luck and prosperity to the owner's life. An amazing outline colour on the leaves, giving it a bright effect. 
  • Popularly known as Chinese Evergreens.
  • Beautiful ornamental plant with double colored foliage.
  • Air Purifying Plant. Recommended by NASA.
  • Indoor Plant.
  • Low Maintenance.

The aglaonema plant is also available in its combo which has all of its different types in a single product: white compacta, green, liptsick plants. They will be the best gifting choice if you are looking for a great collection of air-purifiers to give to someone.




The following are the reasons why plants make the best gifting option:

  • A great surprise gift for plant lovers and gardeners
  • Flowers and bouquets will be thrown or will deteriorate in health and looks, but plants can be easily taken care for years also.
  • For any occassion, plants can make the best gift.