“3 stories of my LIFE” – An Entrepreneur

Well here comes my 2nd blog telling 3 stories of my life ! While I’m getting older (both in age & experience) as an Entrepreneur , I feel like sharing some Gyan for people who want to startup or are in their early stages. These 6 long n memorable years have taught me many things about life, business , definition of success, responsibility & faith .

I would like to share 3 stories of my life which have made me what I am . Many would be able to relate to it, some would refute n some will be totally against .

- Story of Faith & Perseverance

Above photo says it all for me . Starting up is all about Faith n Perseverance !You got to believe in something inside you which defies all facts . I started up when I was 23 n in last 6 years I have given up more than 1000 times minimum . I have spent lonely nights crying n deciding to go back to job or dad’s business . But something stopped me every night . These incidences still happen but my mind has become so stubborn n use to of the pressure that it doesn’t bother n I cross all hurdles . Now whenever I go through this, I think of the story of ‘2 Little Mice’ which goes like this:

“Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Gentlemen, as of this moment, I am that second mouse.”

- Story of Luck & Magic

Today when I look back at why I didn’t give up or how I survived so many failures , I think I got lucky ! For ex :

I have spent many a sleepless months not knowing how would I give salary next month but somehow things got managed . Have Faith in something (Maybe GOD though I don’t believe in this way of life)

I started up without any excel preparation nor any financial buffer nor any working capital . Things kept falling in place, finances kept happening in bits n pieces ( aur karavan chalta raha ) . Now I feel I got LUCKY !

Magic happens I guess ! That’s how I got such beautiful n supporting girlfriend (now wife! ) , super awesome sister n brother ( they helped me in every possible manner ) n a great family . I wouldn’t have been here had they not supported selflessly . This is Pure Magic .

Don’t try n find magic early in your journey as you will never figure it out but as n when you will connect the dots backward you will start believing that MAGIC happens !

- Story of Loneliness

This is no new fact or a story told for the first time ! Like every entrepreneur, i went through long days of loneliness . Though I had many people around at all times, still I felt separated , distant & lonely . What an entrepreneur goes through is no easy thing. It’s hard n it’s unbearable at time . No surprise why many people fail at startup . Long working hours, hyper tension & loneliness take a toll. I was unlucky to not have a co-founder. Having one gets you a helping hand & a crying shoulder. You share the same frequency n same pain.

Well this is my story of trying, trying , trying. Story of luck & magic. Story of Loneliness. And the story continues………


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