Winter is on its decay and we are about to enter into the week of love- ‘The Valentine’s week’.  Valentine’s week has always reminded me of my early days in DU. We were a bunch of girls entering into our twenties… tab toh hawaon mai hi pyaar basta tha (There was love in the air in those days.)

This particular time of the year also reminds me of my grandma’s garden. It wasn't a huge one but definitely a very well maintained one. Winter was always a time of flowers. At this time of the year the whole garden would be full of different fragrances and colors. A breath taking array of various colors and their distinct smell used to fill me as I used to enter the garden. I used to just sit there for hours reading story books. And now look at me sitting again in my own ‘balcony garden’ (As you, who live in metros, can understand that it’s almost impossible to afford a garden now a days unless you are some…….you know.) After 20 years here I am, again in my garden, still following the tips and tricks my grandma taught me and now trying to teach them to my 7 year old daughter while missing those days.

In this Valentine’s week I would love to share one of the many things my grand ma taught me. She fondly used to say, “Hum insaano ne pyaar karna Kudrat se hi to seekha hai.” (We humans have learnt how to love from Nature). As I grow old, I tend to agree with her more and more. Nature taught us how to care, how to nurture and how to love someone selflessly. In fact I truly believe that the idea of selfless service originated from nature. Perhaps my grandma’s teachings or my closeness to nature is the reason why I named my daughter Prakriti.

Recently, I planted some hyacinth bulbs and now 5 of them have started budding. Many of you would already know Hyacinths have one of the best, soul touching fragrances in the flowering world.  Personally for me it’s a matter of great joy and one of the best feelings to watch something grow. I see my plants and then I see my daughter and wonder how quickly they became so young and beautiful from just a mere essence of life.  Some 3-4 years back on Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me a huge bouquet of roses. I loved it and kept it in front of me all the time but eventually after 4-5 days we had to throw them out because the flowers got rotten and smelly. It was very painful. Since then we have decided not to gift flowers and instead now we give more meaningful or usable gifts like ‘a massage appointment’, ‘a handmade collage’, ‘self-made sweets or chocolates’, ‘some useful electronics’ etc. But my personal favourite is ‘A NaturalPlant’. What can be better than giving something which is not only alive but grows! On this Valentine’s Day morning I am planning to surprise my husband with a classy Tommy’s navy blue wrist watch and a beautiful pink Hyacinth plant on the breakfast table. I have already sent two of the plants to my parents, one to my younger sister and one to my best friend from college, Reema.

On Valentine’s Day I see no point to restrict your love just to your husband, wife, gf or bf. According to me it’s a time to convey your love to anyone who matters in your life. With this note I close my Valentine’s entry.

Please share your views/comments on how do you like it! And what are your views about Valentine’s Day, my gifting ideas etc. Moreover, do share how you contribute to our ‘Mother Nature’.

Thanking you and wishing you a very happy and full of love Valentine’s week!

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