It’s that magical time of the year when you want to let your mom know how much you love her and appreciate her for everything she has done and keeps doing for you without saying and expecting anything.

With Mother’s Day around the corner on May 8th, are you still looking for the perfect gift for your mom? Make sure you give your priceless mom a priceless gift, a gift that’s meaningful and truly makes her happy. You surely don’t want to rub the wrong side with the wrong gift in which the expression of love is lost.

To make things easier for you, we bring you a list of 10 worst Mother’s Day gifts that you want to avoid this year:


We all know that moms love flowers and it is probably one of the easiest options to pick up a colorful bouquet on this big day. Really? Is it only about convenience? Where’s the thought and creativity? To top it up the beautiful expensive flowers will die in no time in this heat. Why not give your mom a gift that blooms all year round and literally keeps giving for years to come? Instead, how about a gift that will bloom all year. A gift that literally keeps giving for years to come. Sounds good right! Opt for a potted green plant this year. Give her the gift of pure air and good health.


Your dear mom has spent years of her life cooking and cleaning up behind you just to give you a meal and home that you look forward to. Now a Mother’s Day gift that screams ‘chores’? Nah! Instead give her something that gives her a break from the usual chores and relaxes her. So the vacuum cleaners, blenders, cooking books etc. are a big no!



A gift certificate is the best way to tell your mom “Hey Mom! I just did not bother enough to think and know what you would like this Mother’s Day. So this!” Buddy, it’s the time to let your mom know you care and love her. Make her feel special loved and important. Give her something she wants and not needs. A gift certificate is definitely the most soulless gift for her.



While the lotions smell really good and cosmetics add to the looks, they are the most boring, uninteresting and zero creativity gifts. These are extremely personal choices. So avoid the lotions and cosmetics unless you exactly know the brands, scents, colors and products that your mom likes.



The worst thing to tell your mom on Mother’s Day is “Mom I love you but wish you were slimmer”. Trust us! She can do with just the “love you mom” and doesn’t need the reminder that she could do with losing some weight.

"So you know what to avoid!"



That’s just embarrassing for everyone. Too big or too small is not what you want to gift you mom. You don’t want her to feel anything wrong on Mother’s Day.



How much ever you may want to brighten up the bathrooms with accessories and new soap dispensers etc., it’s probably one of the worst gifts to give your mom on mother’s day. Her immediate and only thought to this would be “Crap! What’s for me in this?”



You want to tell your mom know that she’s the best. We totally get it! So does she! But she seriously doesn’t need and want a t-shirt to prove it. You don’t need these marketing gimmicks and products to let your mom know that you love her and she is the best just this one day in a year. Something more sensitive and emotional could surely take over.



Aah! How could we miss the pendants and bracelets with mom written on them. The truth is that these look cute only when they come from kids. As you grow up, these sentimental jewelry pieces just become less adorable. If jewelry is what your mom loves, gift her an adornment that’s graceful, suits her age and is more personal.



The idea of a gift that helps your mom relax is great! Or wait! It only sounds great. Loaded with household chores and busy schedules, these relaxing gadgets at home are literally of no help. She’ll use them only a couple of times and then these gadgets will sit in a corner and relax themselves. A get-away from the daily routine definitely sounds more relaxing and fun for her.

Here we go! This article should hopefully help you avoid buying the 10 worst gifts for your mom on Mother’s Day. But will any gift at all repay your mom for what she has done for you? No ways! But they will definitely express your love and appreciation for her. Even a small but thought out gift will let her know that you care and will make her happy.

Remember, the worst gift is buying her nothing at all. So if you haven’t yet bought her something and are not convinced on the 10 worst gifts, just get up and get going! Get her something atleast!


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