Diwali is almost here, and so is pollution, noise, excess plastic and gifts. It has its good and bad moments. Consider this - a green Diwali.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Peaceful? There is no loud fireworks scaring your infants and your pets. There is minimal smog and pollution outside. Your children are happily and healthily going to school. You’re not afraid to step outside and damage your lungs because it’s actually fresh and nice outside.

Seems like an unattainable dream, right? It’s not. Changing a few of your habits and convincing your friends and family to do the same will actually help a you and the environment a lot. It may not be perfect and a few bad eggs will always be there to burst crackers and harm you. But with joint effort, it will considerably lessen the harm being done to us and the planet on which we live.

1. Traditional diyas - These clay or earthenware diyas have little to no carbon footprint. Instead of buying fancy lamps and lanterns, paint these diyas and add a colourful, healthy look to Diwali decor!

2. Recycle. Always - Bring out your old/used glassware and glass bottles. Paint them and put LED lights inside them for a contemporary, quirky Diwali light decoration!

3. Green candle holders - Use old bamboo sticks as candle holders instead of store-bought ones which may not be manufactured in an eco-friendly way.

4. Rangolis all around - Instead of spending your time to go out and buy lights and crackers, decorate your home or office with rangolis! Rope in your friends, family and colleagues and let them know about your green initiative.

5. Colourful decor - Bring out old colourful umbrellas and create canopies around the house. That old saree or dupatta lying in your wardrobe can be used as a wall accent or a ceiling decor! Let the creative juices flow!

6. Gift Green - Instead of gifting the same old showpieces, sweets and glassware, think out of the box! Gift a plant! It looks gorgeous as a decor piece and will liven up the home or office of your loved one!

7. Spread the word - Explain and convince as many people as you can about making this year’s Diwali green! Tell your friends, your family and your colleagues and urge them to do the same!