The internet is flooded with all kinds of people documenting all kinds of talents, hobbies, travel, etc. For green enthusiasts like us, it’s difficult to find some quality Green Ambassadors in this haystack of bloggers. So, we have compiled a list of the top Indian bloggers who will make you want to #GoGreen!

Sapna Verma

Sapna is an Instagram influencer who’s better known for her fashion blog Shimmer and Muse. She mainly blogs on fashion, beauty and travel stories, but her hobby is interior decor. Her interior decor instagram page is @housezatt where she tells beautiful stories of ornamental and decorative corners around her house. Her primary focus and love for green decor and good vibes can be seen clearly on her page.

Rukmini Ray Kadam

Rukmini is the founder, editor and stylist of Trumatter- a blog that weaves design and decor ideas inspired by comfort and informality. She represents a style that’s breezy, soothing and lulls you to follow along for ideas that are easy, can be implemented in a rental, are doable and on budget. Her blogs have a calming, minimalistic feel with plants always visible in the concept. Her all-white interior decor style looks terrific with indoor plants!

Namita Tiwari

Namita is primarily a food blogger who loves gardening. She lives in the foothills of Kumaon and finds working with nature very healing and therapeutic. She believes that reverence for nature leads to a fulfilling existence and her dream is to have a small place in the Himalayas where she can have her own orchard and plant a million trees before she dies. She says that food carries a life force and sustains it in the body, which is our first interaction with nature. Reading her blogs will definitely want to get a closer feel of our Mother Earth!

Manikandan Pattabiraman

Mani is a self-taught farmer/grower living in Bangalore who started the company Geekgardener Greentech to promote urban vegetable gardens. He also started the store Garden Guru to make all types of gardening equipment available to gardeners. He works on urban agriculture full time now! He also regularly conducts trainings on terrace gardening and kitchen gardening in the Department of Horticulture, Bangalore. If you are a beginner or hobbyist gardener, his blog is the fuel you need to get your push!