You never have to lose a plant because of waterlogging or dry spells now! In the daily hustle, it can become cumbersome to keep track of how much and when to water your plants. But fear not, we have a solution! Our line of self-watering planters is now live, made for the urban gardener!


The self-watering planter has 4 components: The water level indicator tells you how much to water (maximum level) and when to water (minimum level). This system guarantees no under-watering or over-watering. The second part of this mechanism is the water pipe which can be used to add water or liquid fertilizer. The third layer of this planter is made of absorbing gravel. This absorbs the water from the mini-reservoir below it and passes it on to the potting mix. Lastly, this planter contains a dividing dish, which creates a separation. The water collects below it and the absorbing gravel is placed above it.

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Assembling these planters is no headache either!

Step 1: Place the dividing dish/ separating dish in the empty planter.

Step 2: Spread a layer of the absorbing gravel/ foam stones on top of the dividing dish and make sure it covers the entire surface.

Step 3: Add a layer of potting mix on top of the dividing dish.

Step 4: Place the plant in the pot, the root system within 1-inch or 2 inches distance from the absorbing gravel.

Step 5: Fill in the empty space around the roots & stem with the required potting mix.

Step 6: Start filling water through the watering pipe according to the water level indicator (red color bar).

Step 7: When the water level indicator (red color bar) goes down, it’s time to water again.

These premium quality planters are lightweight and the larger floor sizes come with non-scratching wheels. Additionally, they have a break-proof body, so they are pretty much invincible! They are UV resistant and come in 8 sizes, which makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor settings!

Nurturing Green presents self-watering planters in 2 distinct styles!

The Icy Pastels

These come in calming, soothing pastel colours with a woven, textured surface.


The Vibrant Hues

These have a glossy surface and come in all colours you can imagine! Blue, yellow, pink, red, golden, silver - you name it, we have it!


Self-watering planters are ideally suitable for full-grown (indoor/outdoor; foliage/flowering) plants, with roots that run deep till about 1-2 inches above the absorbing gravel or foam. Saplings or shallow-rooted plants should be top-watered till they develop deeper roots. Then they, too, become eligible for these convenient planters!

These planters are, by far, the most convenient choice for the metropolitan being, who likes being in touch with nature. You can place these god-sent planters in any corner of the house, or even outdoors, and let the mechanism work its magic! You now have an indicator telling you exactly when and how much to water your plant! It doesn’t get easier than that, folks.

What’s more, you can pot any plant in these planters! The most popular choices for indoor plants are undoubtedly bonsais and foliage. Click here to check out our range of potted plants to complement your planter starting at just Rs. 650/-!!