"We are responsible for the environment, we live in"


It’s World Environment Day and an opportunity for all of us to realise the responsibility to care for mother Earth & become agents of change. Individual actions into a collective power generate an exponential positive impact on the planet. It’s time to start a cause & promote positive things to enable sustainable practices and curb the various pollutant activities across our daily lives.


Nurturing Green (NG), a pioneer in Green Gifting & Decor, is encouraging every individual & brands to adopt green practices, maybe one at a time, implement it and move to another under the campaign #ChangeToGreen


What is Change To Green?

Change To Green is a long term drive, an initiative towards a better tomorrow and a greener planet. Here different brands and individuals decide to actively participate towards more sustainable living and work practices, not just think but also implement these practices in their daily work and operations. The aim is to keep taking such green initiatives and pledges and make a significant change in our environment positively. We also want the world at large to be aware of this initiative through mediums like digital, offline, PR, influencers etc.


Every initiative needs a starting point, so Nurturing Green decided to make a small change this Environment Day. It has urged all the individuals in Delhi/NCR to exchange their paper scrap with a plant. For every kg of paper scrap they receive from the individual, they will gift them a plant in return. This is just a small step and a starting point towards the Change To Green drive.



Nurturing Green is not alone in this initiative. We have some green partners already onboard with us!

Brands like PeeBuddy, The Moms Co. and Doodlage are joining hands with us for saving our tomorrow.


Did you know?

  • Garbage mountain at Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill will rise higher than Taj Mahal in 2020.
  • 10,000 species extinct every year and 7 million hectare forest lost annually.
  • Carbon dioxide levels hit record breaking high in 2019. It has reached to alarming levels of 415 ppm.


This is just a glimpse of what the future holds for us, if we do not correct ourselves today! So start from ‘Right now’. Take up a challenge and correct your basics:


1-     Switch off your lights as soon as you leave the room

2-     Discard Plastic bottles and get Glass bottles

3-     Quit overuse of water

4-     Keep Green plants in your house

5-     Use organic products

6-     Segregate your wet and dry waste


If you ignore this today, your tomorrow will suffer!