People must have heard the term 'indoor plantation' before, and must have thought about the amazing aesthetic value they bring to the rooms inside. The thought is absolutely not wrong, but indoor plantation should be looked at, in other ways. Not should they just mean beautifying the environment, but considered as methods to reduce mental stress and indoor pollution too. 

The reason there are so many companies, like us, selling indoor plants is that we want to contribute to the environment, and the effort is showing results. Because of such initiatives, people are showing their interests in such activites, and use plants as gifts, to give to their loved ones. 


There are so many plants available which can be used for gifting, as they not only have an amazing look, but also have great benefits to the environment and owner too:

  • Bonsai (Symbol of luck and prosperity)
  • Aglaonema Plant (Another symbol of luck and promising future)
  • Lucky Bamboo (Best in cheap plants, and also is another symbol of luck and prosperity to the owner)


The given picture is that of the Aglaonema Plant (Also Aglaonema combos are our latest addition to our plant collection).

 If people start to follow the trend of plant gifting, many problems, whether air-quality or stress problems, will be solved. The following are some benefits of indoor plantation:

  • Natural healers. 
  • Fresh air
  • We can Breathe easy
  • Natural humidifiers
  • Natural scents
  • Less stress, more success
  • Restful sleep
  • Improves your mental health.

 It is time that people realise the importance and positive effect of indoor plantation and green gifting. Let's make this world a greener place to live in.