As one gets older, the excitement for Christmas wanes. Maybe it’s because we gain a realistic perspective about these festivals or’s because we’re sick of the same old gifts. Perfumes, pyjamas and chocolates - I don’t know about you, but I would definitely love a change from this generic ideology of gifting.

Last year, I thought I’d go off the book and give some beautiful flowers to my grandmother, only for her to softly remark the next day, “It’s such a shame how they die…”

This year, this Christmas, gear up for your gifting needs. Family, friends, loved ones - this is perfect for all! Think out of the box and gift green this festive season!

The thing I love about plants is that there is not one right answer. Your mom is a hardcore green thumb? A bonsai, which needs love and nurturing, is perfect for her. Your grandfather believes in Feng Shui? A lucky bamboo is the one to give to him. Your friend thinks plants are pretty but doesn’t have the time or patience to look after them? A succulent or a low-maintenance foliage is bound to do well in any house!

Here are some plants I think will be perfect for your gifting needs this winter:

  • Poinsettia: This red-leafed plant is so lush and leafy with its scarlet appearance that one cannot help but think about “Santa Claus is coming to town”. It is indeed a perfect Christmas gift.

  • Lucky Bamboo: You just cannot go wrong with this one. It’s easy to take care of and looks good in every decor setting! What’s more, as the name suggests, it also brings luck and prosperity.

  • Bonsai: This type of plant is for the complete plant lover who knows what and how to do while taking care of plants. It comes in many varieties - grafted, I-shaped, S-shaped, etc. and all of them work well indoors!

  • Sansevieria: Also known as Snake plant, this elegant, leafy foliage is well-suited for a subtle touch of indoor decor for a bedroom or living room - a gift that anyone will appreciate. Fun fact - it is also a NASA recommended air purifying plant, so it will make your loved ones’ home fresher and purer!

So, this Christmas, think red and green and gift green!