Our decor choices and our energy efficiency improvements often make our homes airtight, allowing little room for ventilation. A direct result of this is an increase in indoor air pollutants.


Indoor air pollution is a subtle threat to us and does not often produce easily recognisable impacts on our health. However, it can lead to a variety of short-term and long-term health effects like headaches, asthma, bronchitis, decrease in work efficiency and productivity, and even cancer.

Common indoor pollutants include PM2.5, PM10, harmful gases (like benzene, formaldehyde, etc.) and allergens and dust particles.

There can be many causes for increased levels of indoor pollution:

  • VOCs (Volatile organic compounds): These originate from solvents and chemicals found in perfumes, hairsprays, air fresheners, glues, etc. These mainly affect the nose and throat in alarming amounts. They can also damage the liver.

  • Tobacco smoke: This generates a wide range of harmful chemicals and can also cause cancer. It is also dangerous to passive smokers and can result in throat irritation, asthma and a decreased lung capacity.

  • Pesticides: Though if used carefully and with the advice of professionals, they do not cause much harm, but they can be very dangerous and toxic if used in abundance.

  • Biological pollutants: These include fungi, parasites, bacteria, pollen and many other allergens which can cause diseases like hay fever and many other allergic diseases.

  • Formaldehyde: This comes from carpets, particle boards and insulation foam and can cause eye and throat irritation.

  • Radon: A natural gas that is emitted from the soil, this can get trapped indoors and if there is poor ventilation, it can be harmful to the dwellers.

Most of these pollutants can be removed and people feel instant effects of their absence in the form of better health. However, some pollutants have effects which are long term and can continue to cause harm after the air purified.

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