Let the Gifts do the talking!
Corporate Gift or ‘Perfect’ Corporate Gift?

Buying a corporate gift for your clients or customers has never been very difficult with the availability and variety of products online and offline. But the real challenge is finding the ‘perfect corporate gift’.

In this competing world, corporate gifts are not just about supplying people with valuable incentives but instead are a way of keeping your brand’s name alive in the minds of the people you have been associated with. Over the years, corporate gifts and corporate gifting have come a long way. People not only seek gifts that are unique but also something that the receiver would remember for years to come. Corporate gifts today convey the sentiments of value, trust and mutual respect. They work great as an acknowledgement and appreciation for being with the brand.

Be it important clients, high value clients, prospective clients or for that matter even employees, corporate gifts play an important role in building and maintaining the company’s image and a strong relationship with its key stakeholders. Corporate gifts have stood the test of time and become an effective brand building and motivational tool.

While most companies are now understanding the importance of corporate gifting, what they are still missing is the importance of finding and gifting that ‘Perfect Gift’. The most important question still goes unanswered. “What is that gift that will not only make the individuals remember the brand for an extended period of time but also be loved by the people? What is that gift that they will love to keep on their tables and happily talk about? What is that gift that is not boring, done by multiple people and short lived? What is that gift that will truly give for years to come?

Among the various options available and adding up to the confusion, a plant is the only gift that gives for years to come. A plant is a gift that truly answers all these questions and makes the ‘perfect gift’. It helps nurture the bond of love, respect and togetherness forever. Gifting a plant is like gifting a life, a meaningful expression and a lasting impression. It helps an organization project its core vision and goals and come closer to all its key stakeholders.

The tradition of gifting on Diwali has been ever increasing in India and is a time when every company wants to acknowledge their clients, customers and employees. A plant is a unique Green Diwali gift that is different, unique and something everyone would love to own and cherish. Nurturing a plant is a hobby and a part of your life and every time the receiver sees the plant or nurtures it they are sure to remember you and your brand.

Celebrate the festival of lights the green way. This Diwali, step up and gift responsibly! Gift a Plant. Gift a Life!

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