The peak of being eco-friendly lies in recycling and reusing. The concept of #UseAndGrow captures this essence perfectly. It’s a relatively new trend in the world, which involves seeds pressed into everyday items like notebooks, pencils, bags, etc. The material of these items is 100% biodegradable and once they are used, they can be potted and grown into a sapling. It’s a terrific and green alternative to use and throw - use and GROW!

Some of India’s leading pioneers in the #UseAndGrow movement are constantly working hard to spread awareness about building a green future. These brands offer a wide range of products from seed bombs, seed pencils, seed paper, seed notebooks and all things seed! These products are definitely the best choice for becoming a green ambassador. Here’s introducing the #UseAndGrow leaders!


Seed Paper India

This venture, started by Roshan Ray, provides a large variety of seed products which can be used and grown. They have always cared for sustainable living and environmental preservation and it was in the summer of 2014 when the idea of seed paper was planted in their heads (no pun intended). And voila, Seed Paper India came into existence soon after. Since then they have been serving the planet in their own small way by reducing paper wastage and growing more plants.

However, to truly make a difference, they request you to come onboard and use seed paper. Their seed papers and pencils give you the satisfaction of minimising waste and maximizing prosperity.

21 Fools

Divyanshu, the founder and CEO of 21 Fools started the business from his hostel in DCE, focusing on something on which he had his heart set on from the beginning - sustainable products.

21 Fools mainly focuses on seed paper greeting cards, wedding cards, coasters and calendars. Their passion for recycling and giving back to Mother Earth is truly one-of-a-kind. Their seed paper is paper which is handmade from seeds and cotton. Pre-consumer cotton material is embedded with seeds and when the paper is planted in the soil, seeds slowly start to germinate and a plant grows.

Eco-Friendly Jalebi

This company is by far one of the most creative ones, focusing on seed pencils and seed notebooks (which come in A5 and A6 sizes). We, at Nurturing Green have a seed calendar from them and we recently planted a mustard sapling from the page of March. Nothing can give you more satisfaction than using something for your personal use and then giving back to nature instead of throwing it away.

Nurturing Green

Nurturing Green recently joined this trend of  #UseAndGrow and came out with a line of seed pencils. Our seed pencils are made of 100% recycled paper and contain a capsule with tulsi seeds at the end. Once used to their full potential, these pencils can be planted and nurtured into a tulsi plant. We are extremely proud of this products and are happy to say it is now available online. You can find it here!