Wabi-sabi - the beauty of the impermanent, the imperfect, the rustic and the melancholy. Unlike the rest of the world, Japan’s concept of aesthetics is derived from the appreciation of that which is passing, fragile, slightly broken and modest. Wabi-sabi believes that things are always more beautiful when they bear the marks of age, individuality and wear and tear. It points to the positive impermanence which enhances an object.

A home based on wabi-sabi incorporates both natural and manmade elements and shows off incompleteness and asymmetry, thus highlighting the wabi-sabi philosophy of ‘beauty in imperfection’. We, at Nurturing Green are embracing this latest trend of 2018 and have compiled a list of simple ways to make your house weathered, yet elegant.

  1. Kintsugi. Also known as kintsukuroi, this is the art of mending broken pottery with golden lacquer. The philosophy behind this is that objects which bear marks or use, repair or age have a history and thus, are more beautiful than normal objects. While kintsugi is hard to replicate at home, it can be store-bought easily to give your house and its decor an antique, modest look!

  2. Textile Murals. This is perhaps the most eye-catching way to show off your indoor wabi-sabi. A weathered cloth or a printed textile as a wall mural goes a long way as a decor element, and more than anything else, makes for a fantastic conversation piece!

  3. Crinkled Linen. You don’t have to iron everything! The linen in your living room or bedroom doesn’t have to be perfect - leave it crinkled and add an adorable touch of age and individuality to your indoor decor!

  4. Plants. Plants are irreplaceable. A money plant on the wall or on the railing will soon start to produce long, trailing vines around it - making its appearance more fragile. A snake plant on the floor next to the bed or sofa will add a touch of colour which is only unique to natural beauty. You can find a wide range of plants to add in corners and halls around your house at our website. Click here to shop online!

  5. Abstract Art. One piece of art hung on the wall over your bed or in your living room will instantly liven up your indoor decor. Who says wabi-sabi has to be dull! Add colours and shapes and art which is unique to you and which you can relate to!