Flowering plants in the winter season are not a rarity. You may have heard that flowers bloom only in spring or summer. But some plants choose to show their full glory in winters. If you wanna add some quirky, unique decor to your house or garden, read on to know what plants to grow and how to grow them!


Commonly, the seeds of winter flowering plants are sown in October-November. After a brief hibernation period of December, these plants will start to bloom! We are big-time flower and plant enthusiasts and we want to help you grow some flowers in your home garden when no one expects it!

1. Calendula (Pot Marigold) - These adorable blooms grow in varying shades of yellow and orange and is perfect for a window-side mini garden potted in a jute grow bag.

2. Verbena - This is a low-growing flower which spread quickly to cover the ground. It blooms in clusters in the shade range of white, pink and mauve.

3. Petunia - Petunias bloom in many colours - white, yellow, purple, pink, etc. They are trumpet-shaped and are perhaps the most popular flower seen in India. It can be spotted on sidewalks as well!

4. Pansy - This flower might remind you of a psychiatrist’s ink test, but this beauty blooms in many shades, shapes and patterns.

If you don’t have a garden, fear not! We have a way for you to enjoy the pleasure and peace that comes with gardening at home! The solution is simple - jute grow bags.

These bags are made out of 100% jute and come in 4 varied sizes for any gardening need you have! Just fill ‘em up with coco peat, plant your seeds and voila - a garden at home!

We understand that it’s a pain to go out and manually shop for this equipment separately. Which is why, we have a flower gardening kit for you! It contains 2 large jute grow bags, 4 seasonal flower seeds, coco peat and a khurpi! Have it delivered right to your doorstep, and get started!

You can find the Flower Garden Kit here.

What’s more, if you feel you’ve got the hand of at-home gardening and want to move on to bigger and better things, we also have a Herb Garden Kit and a Vegetable Garden Kit!