Coco S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai Plant

Coco S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai Plant
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Coco S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai Plant
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Key Features

  • 3 years old S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai
  • Scientifically proven to be a stress buster.
  • Coco color Fiber Pot
  • Semi Indoor Plant.
  • Evergreen gifting and décor option. This exotic Bonsai has a lot to say.

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Product Detail

Product Specification


Plant - 3 years old S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai
Color - Green
Plant Height (above pot) - 8 inches
Plant Base - Coco Peat


Diameter - 5 inches
Height - 5 inches
Material - Fiber
Color - Brown


Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art of using miniature trees grown in a container. Bonsai trees symbolize peace, balance and harmony and are rare and beautiful trees to behold. Bonsai trees not only work as an attractive conversation piece, but also benefit for your health in many ways. Growing and tending a Bonsai is a great hobby and a wonderful stress reliever. They also purify the air in your room and office and help fight fatigue, coughs and sore throats. The evergreen Ficus Bonsai is a great indoor plant and a gem for all kinds of beginners. Our R&D team at Nurturing Green travel across the world to bring to you exotic, artistic and rare ""S"" and ""I"" shaped Bonsais which Enhance the aesthetics of any room. It goes without saying that the older a tree, the more valuable it will become. This 3 year old Bonsai in our minimalistic Coco colored pot makes it an evergreen gift and decor option. A plant that speaks the language of creativity and passion.
Packaging: We ensure a safe, technically designed packaging for delivering the plant. It is two layered, specially ventilated recyclable package which keeps the plant as well as the planter safe. We line the inner layer with polystyrene blocks which keeps the pot fixed and unmovable in transport. Not to mention we use top courier services to insure your precious plants are delivered as quick and safe as possible.


Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary piece to piece. Pot color may vary from image shown due to photographic effects. Plants and pots do not come with any warranty. These are natural plants and require to be handled with love and care. Due to logistics barrier, the shipment of the plant and the pot will be delivered separately. Just place the plant inside the pot and enjoy your green friend.
Care Instruction


1. Keep the Bonsai plant at a place which gets 3- 4 hours of sunlight daily.
2. Do the pruning of old leaves which turn yellow to avoid fungal attack.
3. Do check the coco peat before watering. It should stay moist. If the coco peat is becoming light brown, it should be sprayed with water. Ideally, water the plant every alternate day for roots to get an optimal water supply.
4. Put manure every 6-8 months for better results.


1. Don't repot the Bonsai plant by yourself. It should be done by a plant doctor.
2. Don't repot using regular soil. Ask our plant doctors for the right mix of nutrients.
3. Don't water it using glass or bottles. Spraying of water makes sure plant gets water uniformly from all sides.
4. Avoid clogging/ collection of water anywhere in the pot.
5. Avoid temperature shock for better growth.
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Good for home
great packaging. the plant was not damaged.. simple pot but bonsai looked very beautiful Review by kunal (Posted on 4/4/2019)
four stars
i really liked the plant. looks very elegant ! Review by Neha Gupta (Posted on 3/27/2019)
happy to buy this plant
I gave 4 star out of 5 stars because the packaging came a bit damaged. Luckily, plant did not suffer. And Nurturing Green's service was very good . The packaging was superb. I really happy to buy this plant. Also you should try this plant. Review by StevenLob (Posted on 3/7/2019)