I am Nurturing Green - are you?

Nurturing Green started the concept of the "Go Green" tree to increase environmental consciousness among people, especially children and the youngsters. We are all aware about how we can do our bit to save the environment, but how many of us actually do it on a day to day basis? Nurturing Green wants people to pledge that they will do their part in making their surroundings greener. NG plans to carry the bare tree across several location through events in malls and workshops in schools and give people a chance to pledge and make the tree green. The Go green tree campaign is aimed to make sure people are reminded how their little contribution can make a big difference.

Jute Bag Campaign

The campaign is built around our core philosophy of making the world greener. We encouraged kids to gift jute bags to people on the occasion of the ‘World Environment Day’, to spread awareness about the ill effects of plastic on our environment and how its usage can be avoided.

College Calling I

Actions speak louder than words, so we believe more in doing than saying. With 400+ young volunteers & support from corporate houses, we execute social awareness drives in this project. We stress on basics & work on ground level to bring real life changes!!! We are fortunate to be associated with corporate houses like Steria, WWF, Bimtech who have been kind in sponsoring our events.


Our Plants