Think !!!

How does your day begin? What makes it beautiful?

Is it a breath of fresh air? Or is it the sight of the sun shining down, the rays playing with the morning dew, making the leaves look greener as ever!!

Make your day special...make every day beautiful...and make it permanent
We love change but we desire permanence
Bring home happiness… make it green!!
Say you care with plants!!

Relations last forever. So why shouldn't gifts?

We at NG believe that gifts are meant to be cherished and nurtured like relations. Only then does the gift become something more than a trinket. That is why our plants make for ideal gifts. Gifting a plant to your loved one simply reiterates your concern and care for the person and promotes a message of life and an everlasting relationship.

The plants not only add happiness to the lives to the people but also purify surrounding air creating a sense of freshness.

Our specially crafted plants are not only beautiful and easy to maintain, they also come in a handcrafted jute-pot increasing the intrinsic ecological appeal. This jute pot is a symbol of the humane aspect of our gifts as every plant you gift contributes to the welfare of the rural women who make these pots.

Our Plants