Home/ Office Makeover

Indoor / house plants used to brighten up a room not only create a relaxing atmosphere, but also bring real health benefits. They purify air by reducing the carbon dioxide and absorbing certain organic chemicals and destroying these chemicals by a process called "metabolic breakdown." Indoor air contains many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can pose a significant health risk. VOCs contribute towards a health problem called "Sick Building Syndrome", the symptoms of which include headaches, nausea, fatigue, eye/ nose/ skin irritations.

Home Makeover - More than just Aesthetic Value

Give your home a tropical look and reap the benefits of greenery around you while adding a fresh look to your living room/ bedroom/ kitchen.

Even the smallest effort can make a big difference. Interior plants at home improve the air quality and scrub the air of communicable ailments. A green makeover for your home will result in healthy and quality home and savings.

Office Makeover – A more Peaceful, Calm and Tranquil Work Environment

Researches around the world suggest that green plants provide a healthier environment and help enhance the productivity and satisfaction of employees in a workplace. Fresher air with better oxygen content rejuvenates the person leading to improved efficiency levels.

While providing health and productivity benefits plants also help normalize the building temperature and help in the reduction of heating and cooling costs.

Workstation Makeover  
Most of our time in today’s world is spent inside the four walls of the workplace. This could lead to an unhealthy working environment.

A small step like adding a plant to your workstation can make a big difference. An individual doesn’t need to revamp the whole environment around him but choose a plant according to his or her liking and place it on their desk

A plant at a workstation can be an amazing stress buster, enhance the mindset in the work space and help you concentrate more. Research proves that sniffing lavender or rosemary reduces stress levels to a great extent. Why bear extra stress when you can add a plant to your workstation to say good bye to the daily tension and stress.