Yoga is a discipline practised for the betterment of one's physical and mental health. It was started in Ancient Indian times and is practised till date. There is no need to mention that Yoga has been one of the most beneficial exercises ever found.

So one may be wondering why is there a need to incline it more towards nature, if the original form of exercise already has so many advantages?

The answer to this question is that:

Practising Yoga in a very healthy and green atmosphere can increase its benefits, especially giving you mental stability. 

Also, if a person has the habit to practise this form of exercise indoors, then the perfect solution to get Yoga fused with nature would be to surround him/her with indoor plants. In such a case air-purifying plants would be the best choice, like the Snake Plant, Aglaonema, Money Plant, etc. 


During the practise it is said that the best body moves are the slower, more sattvic ones; those where we don’t have to work hard to resist gravity. 

Ultimately, the overall idea of combining Yoga with Nature in a much more effective way, will give a huge boost to the human health.